What to look for when choosing a VDR for startups?

To improve the efficiency of the startup, various tools are used, including a virtual data room. But for the correct functioning of the system, it is necessary to decide on the question of how to choose a reliable software provider.

Data room for a startup: how to use?

The organization of work with documents affects the quality of implementing the company’s business processes. An enterprise’s success depends on how well the processes of working with documents are set up. As modern studies show, 85% of the working time of employees of organizations is spent on preparing, maintaining, filling out, copying, and transferring documents. Virtual data rooms have become an essential attribute of any large business. They are a single point of access to information about interaction with customers and partners and a platform for communication between employees of various departments. The new market conditions caused by the pandemic have strengthened the position of the data room as a necessary tool for survival in a rapidly changing market. It was primarily because employees began to communicate less face-to-face, and the completeness and quality of data in information systems became more important.

Today virtual data room is a necessary collaborative workspace for organizing startups. The platform digitizes all documents related to startup portfolios for investors and makes them accessible in a central data room. Digital storage should accelerate processes and bring order to the documentation. Leading data room vendors synthesize in themselves a vast experience in conducting business processes for working with investors and, due to this, they allow to transfer work to a qualitatively new level.

How to choose a reliable data room for a startup?

If you are looking for a reliable solution for your startup, you can follow the next recommendation to make a choice easier:

  • Data security. Security and legal force are the main criteria on which the work of the EDI service is based. By itself, it implies a high degree of security due to using secure communication channels. Data is transmitted over encrypted HTTPS communication channels and protected by two-factor authentication.
  • Support for a geographically distributed structure. The data room should be able to unite all divisions, representative offices, retail outlets, and other structural business units in a single interface. So it will be possible to add new users at any time without loss in speed or quickly integrate a branch.
  • Data import. Carefully consider what opportunities the data room system provides for data import. In what format is it possible to download information? Is there a ready-made module for migration from other systems, and if so, from which ones? Or do you need to prepare information for download in some specific format? You must understand how the initial data filling will be carried out at a system startup.
  • Price. When choosing, it is taken into account that the cloud data room is flexible; you can select the number of connected employees and tools. Payment depends on the tariff, and you can choose the option – of monthly, quarterly, or every year.
  • Multifunctionality. The efficiency of the startup work processes depends on the functionality and coverage of tasks solved by the data room system. And they, in turn, affect the overall income of the startup and the possibility of its development. That is why it is not enough to adapt the software to the specifics of the provision of the startup. It is necessary that it also fulfill related areas that are important for business optimization.